Evening millet mode of every guest, old can the leopard change

today is where the vDP80 shirt on sale for the first time, and the style of millet, where customers have a flash sale with micro-blog marketing, from 3 pm, a total of 19353 vDP80 shirt, in 21 minutes and 47 seconds sold.

where the vice president Xu Xiaohui of micro-blog is also drying out in the background:

recalls bromance had decided to invest where two people Lei hair full of micro-blog, see where the customer is now completely millet, Xiao Bian had to sigh, "Lei Jun and old really is love ah!"

TECH2IPO Xiaobian also wrote the same slot full point a "guest speech": complex chirp chirp, grass root pawner fabric. Don’t smell Jizhu sound, but heard the cock sigh. Cock asked what to think, ask why did have cock. Cock no thoughts, no memory of cock. Last night to see advertising, where customers selling shirts. Cotton three hundred, tall on the support. Father has no money, no money in grass root. I hope the price is low, but do not grab……. Wait for a moment, MLM fly every day. Robm through death, ten year Rice noodles.

later if the clothes are like flash sale, you can buy millet posture shirt


the same slot full point bank also on the counter strategy of Internet financial products latest, after the money in the bank to buy and sell all kinds of baby is not so easy. Recently, the ICBC, the Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank China Chinese has adjusted the quick payment limit on the amount transferred, directly from the largest to the limit adjustment day does not exceed 5000 yuan.

ICBC to reduce the end of the computer and the wireless terminal bank card payment limit, which the computer side of my savings card into the balance of treasure funds limit reduced to 5000 yuan / pen, a single day limit of $20 thousand, a single month limit of $50 thousand. Wireless terminal is adjusted to: single day single month 5000 yuan /5 million /5 million. Prior to this, there is no limit to the amount of fast payment icbc.

to make adjustments as well as the Agricultural Bank of China, its single day amount is 10 thousand yuan, before this, the Agricultural Bank of the single day did not make limit. WeChat bank through the construction of a single monthly transfer amount is not more than 100 thousand yuan, before the amount is $500 thousand.

later to give the baby to turn 50 thousand dollars to spend 10 days, the banks said to be safe, do you believe it?

has a variety of baby, mother don’t have to worry about me by SMS fraud cheated bankrupt


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