Baby how to write to attract people

SOSEO from the media blog to share a baby describes how to write, there is a special "how to show your value proposition, that is how your product to solve their problems," the direction of writing.

today SO to share the product description, because this is generally used in corporate Web site more, so positioning in the product description and description of the baby before there is a slight difference.

product description with a good map, it is more

product description writing point one, change "we" for "you"

do you find one thing: your customers are not interested in you, your company, what you do, or even your product?.

your customers (and potential customers) are only interested in one thing:

"what can I get from it?"

every value proposition you offer is nothing more than a way of turning features into benefits.

if everyone is interested in themselves, we should try to write the product description from their point of view, rather than from our own point of view.

product description writing points two, from an external point of view

now, most of the sites that are created by the old method are still from the internal perspective. This is like looking out from the store inside. But your potential customer is standing outside looking in. They will look at your business in a completely different way.

from the internal point of view, we will be on their own product description and characteristics of the product description of the competitors are very interested. This will be shown in our communication.

from an external point of view, potential customers are interested in the benefits they can get. They just want to be sure they can find solutions to meet the needs.

from the internal point of view, we use the language and vocabulary of our industry to describe the product, all internal staff can understand. But if we use this language on the web, you will be surprised at why the site doesn’t attract more visitors.

from an external perspective, your potential clients use their own language to describe what they want. This language may be wrong (for internal staff), however, people who want to buy your products at the moment in Google, Baidu is the language input, the language of the customer to describe the product.

product description case analysis

a customer case, they are providing affordable virtual hosting. Their keyword research shows some interesting results:

"low cost virtual host) this keyword can bring 250 visitors to the first page, but the title of the competition page is more than 27000;

alternative keyword "benefits"

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