Terminal domain name to deal with several points of arbitration

With the increase of the number of

rice farmers, more and more farmers met terminal meters for arbitration, but often do not know how to deal with the experience, the detailed method of relevant legal knowledge related to the case, although the legal version is detailed, but too complicated, I am afraid 1:30 will not come, but also understand there may be deviation. I will be based on some of my experience, here to talk about the end of the arbitration of several points in the meter, we hope to be useful.

1, don’t be afraid. To see if there is no evidence of malicious, such as in the field of easy to sell this meter or Sedo to sell rice records, and then immediately think of a way to delete, do not become malicious evidence. Don’t go getters to terminal domain forwarding site.

2, immediately station, site as far as possible to the theme and the theme meters closer, don’t talk terminal profession is similar to that of the best check, look at the meter corresponding to the registered trademark is registered, the registered trademark must avoid what kind. The theme of the site to make a personal blog or website, but also a good way to deal with, but to try to position the theme of the site with the meaning of the domain name hook.

3, no matter how the other side said, determined not to sell, remember, once you say you want to sell, is immediately malicious evidence, so do not sell. Want to sell it for a mail offer, do not use registered mail, in order to avoid becoming the evidence.

If the price is lower than 4

, the arbitration fees, there is the possibility of closing. Price must not exceed the costs of arbitration, CN meters below 3000, most preferably not more than 10000, remember, the heart can not be too dark.

5, this is a great opportunity to speculation, the establishment, study carefully how to publicize, perhaps yangmingliwan opportunity to.

6, or relax, don’t be nervous, don’t be too much of him. Even if the arbitration fails, it is only a loss of 1 dollars, it does not matter, the success is also a few thousand dollars, in any case, this is a valuable experience. Moreover, according to their lawyer, unless the domain name to sell related products to reap huge profits, or even domain name arbitration off, it is almost impossible to be court or an arbitration institution for compensation money, you can be assured that the cost of one yuan.

I wish you all to keep the hands of a good domain name, or sell a good price!

respect rice network supplementary explanation:

terminal meters, or terminal domain name, refers to the takeover of the direct operation website domain name, domain name investment community to do the station for the purpose of the buyer to purchase the domain name called "terminal";

Some people call on

minon, domain name investors.

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