Liebo founder Tom Gale said electricity, talk business


Liebo founder Tang Dafeng, Tang small sister

talk about electricity supplier

Taobao sellers sell good, they are ZARA model: quick response, a small amount of money.

market competition is very cruel, but we still hope to find another path, that is because the driving force of the heart, and strive for the good wishes, but not in order to survive in the competition. Liebo is like a beautiful island, have their own ecological naturally, do not need too much halo, don’t want the success of heroes.

each enterprise, in a specific period, have their own short board and long board. For example, compared and traditional offline brand planning, we have series of sense is not enough, but Liebo pay more attention to the data analysis, the reaction faster, from consumers closer, this is our strength. Of course, this is also the strengths of e-commerce.

talk about brand & product

brand road of 10 million, I think in the last few years a niche brand, means that the autonomy of the individual more, do not care about the outside world view. Don’t niche or mass, this is just the outside world for a label you, follow your heart the most important. Like peeling an onion until it is close to the inside.

a brand in the initial stage of growth is very self state, and designer brands to be accepted, to reach a certain height. As you find a way at the foot of the mountain, and slowly climb to the top of the mountain, you will not be found in the first place, because there is a tree cover, the people outside can not see you. Only when you are at the top of the mountain, others will be found at the top of the mountain, there is such a person, then you will also want to climb the mountain.

We care about

data, think Liebo data is very beautiful, you will wonder what Liebo do, in fact, Liebo what did not do, only six words, "focus, focus, focus, product, product, product". This is not a lack of skills, but the skill is only a small role, not as good as our products. It is a matter of great concentration to make clothes, and to do it quickly and well, you need to control every node. Last year, we were talking about "everyone works." now, we say, "everyone is a product."".

all kinds of marketing means only the external "technique", focus on products is the intrinsic Liebo "Tao", the more simple things to release more strong vitality.

talk about entrepreneurship

don’t do business to imagine how extraordinary, you just did not retreat, you like running a house, not in debt. Liebo must be profitable, we need to support yourself. In this way, Liebo to sustainable development, the long, the whole ecological development.

The pain that

has experienced in the entrepreneurial process is much less than the search for a loved one from a child

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