Five cases tell you why is it so difficult for big companies to innovate

recently announced that it will set up a new mobile media group, and will be officially put into operation in January 2015. The evening of October 15th, Lenovo Group announced that it will set up a new subsidiary, based entirely on the Internet platform to build China’s leading Internet model of intelligent terminals and services. The company will begin operations in April 1, 2015, will have an independent company name and a new brand……

in the era of big changes in the mobile Internet, mobile, Lenovo Group, such a large company has accelerated the pace of their own innovation.


do innovation in large companies, people are full of expectations, will also have a question, a big company in innovation when to involve too many things they do, innovation can really succeed?

Google senior engineer IT, the best-selling book "top of the wave" author Wu Jun put forward an impressive "gene determinism", that is due to the effect of gene, when a large company to occupy new areas to make the transition, when disruptive innovation, often lose very miserable, for example: Motorola, NOKIA, Intel, Microsoft, although occupy the undisputed monopoly position in the industry, but as times change, after the industry revolution, are different degrees of decline, big company system innovation dilemma has become the norm.

Jack Welch when talking about this issue once said: "the first year of the new production line management to a value of $50 thousand, compared to a $500 million sales enterprise twentieth years more difficult".

so the probability of failure of the new project in general large companies within the system is very high. In the Internet industry, often large companies do product innovation but do poineering company, a large company to do failure products can be said to be "bones", I horse comment:


Baidu "yes"

Baidu has been thinking about how to carry out the sale of commercial traffic. From the Baidu side, Baidu has ah to the Philharmonic live, as well as Baidu map, Baidu has been exploring in the field of O2O, but the result is not satisfactory. By the end of 2010, local life service products around Baidu beta, Baidu has released life channel, local life service test. March 2011, ah mall closed, the official transformation of life service platform. However, Baidu has ah life development is not up to expectations. In order to have more autonomy, by the end of 2011, a spin off from Baidu ah, later renamed the Philharmonic live. But the Philharmonic live is not successful. O2O has gradually dominated by the mobile Internet, the advantage of the lower end of the line, the Internet has not dominant, because users want to enjoy anytime, anywhere Services… The following is the Baidu, ah, the reasons for failure

October 2007, Baidu set up e-commerce division, a high-profile announcement to enter e-commerce. Select C2C for sudden >

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