Lazy lazy Wangzhuan Wangzhuan career ups and downs recorded two serial

with the first time I surf the Internet, after all, is not my intention to do, but constantly changing my life.

inadvertently, my Spedia account has more than $30, I applied for payment. After that, I used the search engine to find some ways to collect checks. After more than and 20 days of waiting, I received a check for Spedia, sky blue background, I did not go to a lot of people choose to love Chinese bank cheques, but to the bank, very low fee of RMB 10 yuan.

because of this experience, I found that the Internet is indeed a good channel to make money, and then began to have ideas. At that time, Spedia this company, there is such a clause, you recommend 25% of the proceeds generated by the user, the company can be paid to you, as a bonus, that is, we are familiar with the pull off. I think, if you simply use the card to pull off the assembly line, and not in a good way, if you do a website, there is a certain amount of access, and then open a separate column should make money online, the effect will be better.

then leisure home, is to use such a way to operate, do is ninth cities around the game Raiders, while opening an online money column. Ten years later, the site is still there, but the founder of leisure home little brother has lost enthusiasm, including me, but also with the situation is completely different.

the first thing you can do when you don’t have a goal or anything, is to find a goal, and an entry point to complete your mind. Second, find a goal that you can refer to and emulate the strengths of others. This is the best in all the land Tencent model, so it is my strategy. My beginning of the route, but also to imitate leisure home, but also to do around the Raiders ninth cities, but also the use of popularity, to pull my Spedia off the assembly line.

, however, this is not the same. Now with the garbage station, I just copy mode, not collection content, and at the beginning, I do not know what, everything is still a free space, the most popular is that when the home page of the Chinaren bus, but I’m not used to this, but for the large 5M space. Many people estimate strange, 5M you don’t have enough space? At that time, all of the sites are pure Html update, 5M can probably put more than 100 pages, more importantly, I can control each column for more space. As for why I want to choose a large 5M such a small space to do, the reason is very simple, fast, very stable. At that time the nets of space, not its speed.

I was also selected some, is better known to the fish swimming recommended some foreign free space, of course, my source of information is not his son, but found himself, including providing free space, including advertising, wide.