Google Adsense Chinese background to increase AdSense for Mobile advertising

      in September 18th the latest news: today on Adsense background, found a connection: "AdSense for Mobile – began to use", click "start" after entering the new page is shown below:

      point "now use", enter the code page.

      and then according to their own specific circumstances to get the code.

      I do not have mobile station, so I can only look at the ~~~

      AdSense for Mobile to bring you good income.

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      according to the introduction, AdSense for mobile mobile site developers by placing Adsense, visitors click on advertising revenue. This site must be WML (Wireless Markup Language), XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Language), CHTML (Compact HTML) in any language written. This is because the Google crawler must be able to read these pages in order to determine the content of the page, and then provide advertising.

      Google mobile AdSense ad contains two lines of text, each line of 12 or 18 characters (depending on the country’s general text type). Advertisers put the phone AdSense ad, you can set up the phone call directly to the user’s function. Advertisers pay only when users click on a link or call. Analysts said that Google mobile AdSense advertising will be very attractive for each class of mobile phone service website, while forcing YAHOO, Microsoft also developed their own mobile advertising program. (commissioning editor admin01)