First Union experience in Xi’an

recently, I spent a tremendous effort and finally help a netizen took him up on the website of the Google Adsense income income in Xi’an. Because he used the Google Adsense account I had transferred to him, according to the relevant provisions of the Google, the name, identity card number and other information can not be modified, so I can only hold their identity cards to take out the foreign exchange.

to get in before the remittance, I through Western Union website and the customer service telephone (021-68664610, Monday to Sunday between 8:00-20:00 can check the query) can handle the business outlets, check remittance real name. Then went to the two banks, ran three times before taking out.

is the first time more than 12 noon, went to the high road of the Agricultural Bank of China Hi tech building, the lobby manager asked, they said you can get 2 points, but after the.

bank is now basically the service charges, but the service time is getting shorter, it is not humane.

second is 3 in the afternoon, I went to the high road hi tech building, ABC, drew a number, to sit there and wait for a moment, to see more people, afraid to delay time, ask a salesperson. The result is that the system is broken and cannot be taken. I asked when I could take it, she said tomorrow. I think I must take it today, and it’s too much trouble to come out again tomorrow. Then asked where she can also take, she said Everbright Bank can. I went straight to the Everbright bank.

third is more than 3 in the afternoon, after inquiry, found the science and technology, the way of the Everbright Bank, where the four can finally take the. I used 10 minutes to fill out a withdrawal slip (because the list is not clear that the wrong one, and then re filled), and then get to the counter to do business, but also in front of the counter waiting for more than and 30 minutes. Looking at the clerk in the play a lot of sheets, but also let me sign, and let me fill in. Finally, I would like to ask the dollar or RMB, I would like to have a good currency, the dollar has been devalued (the day before yesterday, the exchange rate or 6.82, today became the 6.81). The money is to get the hand, the salesperson let me wait a while, may be she is checking it. After 5 minutes, check it out, give me a list and say it. I think Id has not given me, and asked her to take a look. Maybe this is business trouble, do it for a long time, she forgot it, but the service attitude is OK, give me some of the future and the remittance to fill out the matters needing attention (the payee and the sender information to all English, a bit inconvenient, there are several familiar English in China).

is not easy, toss nearly half a day, Western Union finally get! More feeling than domestic remittance more trouble! Feel the bank service unsatisfactory


PS: go to the bank or post office remittance before taking the best on the site to check a good network address, call the network telephone confirmation >

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