Taobao passenger flow how to change the high turnover


website is about 100 IP for a few days to get my confidence shot down the wrath of the unspeakable, but fortunately as Taobao customers I actually had years after the first income, so I thought for a long time, also summarizes a.

The thing is that

years ago in order to make the site a better user experience, put into the background of festive red background, but also because of a total station want to website, the website from the site navigation site types into C Doug Taobao shopping network now this version of this tactic the website was quietly down the right mistakes. Let me also very regret, not when I see the 200046 server logs to blame yourself too hard for mistakes, directional flow will start the process of my next goal, for example, how to remove acne, how to remove acne, a kind of competition is not too much words to me the goal of every day in IP although not much, but they have 80% possible to buy your products. Since there is a group of people who need the product, 30% of them are able to buy the product, there are about 70% of people are asking about the product, in fact, I think I will spend time in the purchase of the product is able to have 30% people. So I live on the 100 IP will be able to get a commission on average 100 yuan, you feel very little is it? But I tell you, I also do whitening, lose weight, and many women’s key! With more

?Now I will introduce the

method to make directional flow specific to everyone, but the effect is just fur or can, like the first Sina, Baidu space, and 19 floor, so high weight blog will have to build up mutual connection, every day more space or blog friends, be careful not to add too many Baidu space is very sensitive. Every day regularly released with your Taobao guest ID keyword soft Wen, and finally to indicate all the keywords of your site and click to enter your site or theme. You Many a little make a mickle. web site the chain more, also more description text links. Natural keywords ranking will rise up, but update the original article also want to hold on to. If the competitiveness is not strong one day for the best, keyword selection is also very important. The popular keyword you give up! You do not have to be Taobao.

today, I introduced a superficial, small key word site rankings of several simple methods, the overall summary is the Taobao customer site traffic at the end does not matter, the volume is the most important.

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