90 entrepreneurs help what is the correct position to prove their own


note: from 70, 80 to 90, it is difficult for each generation to avoid group disputes. Everything is magnified in the Internet era, the 90 after the label more representative, self, and innovative ability, personal independence of conduct social media that rely heavily on… We have to… 90. After the paste too many labels, of course there is a very important label: entrepreneurship.

titanium media visited the recent high degree of concern four 90 entrepreneurs, their character is different, but always holding the attitude of breaking the existing industry rules continue to explore the entrepreneurial road. They are involved in the field of entrepreneurship in traditional industries, O2O, Internet banking, and even the field of space…… they and all entrepreneurs, like the same challenges, how to face the problem of subversion.

they used to express themselves in what way? That is held by removing the veil of myth, they really hope those young and how? Ti media hope from the small to get some answers on their visit.

(pictured as the founder of the cow hall Zhang Tianyi)

Zhang Tianyi: because of the fear of a certain life, so choose a different state of life

to a bowl of rice flour belongs to 90, how? This…… you can go directly to the cow hall, because it is specialized in selling rice noodles.

special is the cow cow hall this rice noodle shop is a master’s degree from the north after graduating from 90 days with 3 small partners forced to raise the pain of $100 thousand and opened. But… You are a master of the university graduates to sell rice noodles, how do you tell the teacher, how to tell a friend, how to tell people around you…

In the face of the

start at the beginning of the pressure and confusion, barberry church founder Zhang Tianyi told a story to us: it happened in 50s China, then president Liu Shaoji, met in Beijing at that time a nightman, he is a national model worker, less when holding chairman Qi his hand said so, I told you this no different, but the division is different, is for the service of the people. This story gave me a very big touch. I think our time is not entirely a fertile era, a generation of experience may still have to guide the next generation, because he gave me a convey such experience or a message, that is a small thing, you are willing to do. Do a lifetime, you will finally realize your personal value and social value.

is also inspired by this story, Zhang Tianyi is determined to do so, and do a good job, and stronger.

choose entrepreneurship, all forced

at six months ago Zhang Tianyi, face the problem of finding a job and most graduates, because.

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