Network to make money thinking part-time, full-time or entrepreneurial


Tuixy blog I consulted many friends, as long as there is time I would be very happy to talk under the general situation, making money for the network full-time or part-time Tuixy this problem think it is very necessary to write articles and exchange, but also to many want to enter the network to make money in this line for a reference to a friend. Regardless of whether you want to do a full-time or part-time network to make money this line, we must first understand a question: whether the Internet can really make money? I can tell you very clear network money is feasible, but want to make more is not an easy thing!

Tuixy next to the network to make money full-time and part-time to do a simple comparison:

1 network earn full-time

advantages: free, you can work 2 hours a day, or a bad mood today can not work, no one cares for you; you can work in your pajamas lying in bed, you can also watch movies online, while the music while working, even with GF or Baby can also be.

disadvantages: your circle is very small, in addition to come into contact with the family is not every computer, working three days a small five days a large circle of friends together for a long time, you will find that your life is so big range.

2 network to make money part-time

advantage: freedom, yes, it is a good idea to do the part-time job to make money on the Internet, I can get some extra income from the normal income.

disadvantages: it can’t be said that part-time jobs will not make much money, but it is hard to get home after a busy day’s work.

"dude, what are you doing?"


"hi tech, yes, where do you work?"

"OK, at home."

in reality, most people will think that as long as it does not go out to work all day at home who is good for nothing, even their parents, relatives and friends, of course, unless you work more income than those! But this leads to a question: if you are on the network make money this industry is just contact to full-time to do so, then you have to consider the pressure from various aspects, but also give yourself pressure.

on the network when you make money in the future is still a loss of time, when you are faced with so much pressure, you will first consider full-time at home doing make money online? If I were you, I won’t! So when some new people, especially some graduating college students asked me about whether when can a full-time network to make money, I would recommend them to find a job, after all, you can’t expect to buy space domain for money with their parents, and the computer, Internet, electricity, the cost of living……

has a job, at least to solve their own problems in life, but also for their own accumulation of more

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