Henan Nongda Girls online shop business monthly turnover of nearly 500 thousand

the current employment situation of college graduates is becoming increasingly serious, changing the concept of employment, to start their own businesses, has become the dream of many college students. Henan Nongda grammar school has such a college girl, Zhang Hui, her last year in the online open a cosmetics shop, after painstaking efforts, has begun to take shape, the monthly turnover has reached nearly 500 thousand yuan, by the Zhengzhou Municipal Communist Youth League awarded the "youth civilization".

excess, cosmetics she venture onto the road

Zhang Hui, Henan Nongda three students study grammar school. 08 years, her sister returned home from Japan to go home to visit a lot of cosmetics, with endless, the thought of the hands of the cosmetics on the disposal of a sudden idea of entrepreneurship, so she opened a shop on Taobao.

shop is easy to keep shop difficult, every day Taobao has nearly 5000 shops, but can do is quite a small part, I began to have to give up." Zhang Hui said, in the first few months are losing money, but also frustrated, but I told myself what is not easy to do, others can do, I can do a good job, so they insist on down.

integrity business reputation win business

"I insist on doing the real thing, never sell fake goods, the only way to win the love of customer." Zhang Hui said, there is a shop out of stock, customers can not wait, she bought some products from the other crown shop, get back and found that it was a fake, she would rather lose their own money is not determined to send customers. Because of her integrity, enthusiastic attitude, more and more customers to patronize her shop, business is booming. It is reported that Zhang Hui monthly turnover of nearly 500 thousand yuan.

it is reported that, in order to ensure a reliable supply, her purchase channels only two, one is my sister to send back from Japan, Europe and the United States are from the domestic stock, early she advanced some products, to distinguish between true and false, determined after the purchase.

set up venture capital to establish a business model

face employment increasingly grim reality, Henan Agricultural University actively take various measures to encourage college students and graduates of entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Forum, held a business plan competition and entrepreneurship fund set up 200 thousand, 5-10 support students start the project, given 3 thousand – 20 thousand in venture funding. To create conditions for college students to start, set up a business model. The school student Zhang Hui is a typical success, and now her shop monthly turnover of nearly 500 thousand yuan, the monthly trading volume, the credibility of the market in Henan won the first throne. Her successful experience for other college students to start the green light.

according to the school grammar school Party branch deputy secretary Zhang Yongmin said, Zhang Hui is one of the typical student entrepreneurship, the college students have several college students entrepreneurial success. Some students built a chicken farm, some students opened a supermarket…… Next year the school is ready to increase the college students venture capital fund for college students to start their own businesses to provide convenient conditions.

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