The relationship between personal website traffic and money

The relationship between personal website traffic and money can earn money per month is calculated, the following data is only for reference, the data listed as general statistical data, the site does not include illegal sites, such as * * site, not to sell products including commercial site, pure belong to all kinds of personal site.

site visits every day to do the amount of money earned

1000IP 200-300 yuan

(1000IP per day, for a site, a little content of the site, not 20 days is very easy to be able to do the.TOM alliance can have a =2 block of 400 points, the 3721 ad alliance can have a =4 block of 100 points, the 3721 assistant alliance =2 block

3000IP 500-800 yuan

(3000IP per day, it is very simple. This time some people will go to advertising, impatient my advice is not to.50 dollars a month banner, 20 dollars a month. The text is not how to earn so little money, do not go to.3000IP, and 3721 to more than and 10 league one day


8000IP 2500 yuan

(8000IP per day, it is hard to do? OK. From 8000IP, the website can belong to the primary, 1500 yuan of money, greatly upgrade.TAOBAO net a month TOM alliance can be removed, or placed in a conspicuous place, 3721 other public welfare alliance can reach 2200, with a small amount of advertising, a month 2500 yuan is very stable. I movie site navigation a month can earn 2000, ten thousand IP, not

) ad

starting from 10 thousand IP, each additional 5000IP, the level of the site can be raised, the money earned per month can also be increased by 2000 yuan.

starting from 100 thousand IP, monthly income can be fixed at 5-8 million.

traffic increases, so that the same site and the same flow site can eliminate other sites. All kinds of union funds will increase with the increase of traffic.

traffic is large, the alliance’s advertising can be removed, if you think that position you can earn more money, then.

advertising and looking for companies to cooperate with. Or look for companies to buy.

The difference between

advertising is very large, and some stand 1500 a month, and some can do $2500. Some do a month of the month, and some can do a few positions can be a difference of 6000 1-2.

to find a company to cooperate, and the company acquired, the need for site content, such as the web site in line with some of the principles of commercial sites.

for example, we all know the wind flash, 200 thousand IP. per day, but there will be no company acquired.

how to do so much

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