Oculus a $2 billion startup and its future


(originally from Wired, tiger sniffing the Han imperial translation editor)

September 2013, Oculus CEO Brendan Arabi (Brendan Iribe) flight from southern California to Seattle, he also did not anticipate their future six months of life will be how to change, the audience at the CES show enthusiasm, "south southwest of" long queues of people, is the most important Facebook, from the acquisition of $2 billion.

"this is a bigger scene than expected"

in the autumn, Oculus is still a very ambitious undertaking in the field of virtual reality, this dream has been in the past twenty years so many entrepreneurs and technical people with broken halberds defeat. Oculus’s flagship the Rift in recent years is widely regarded as the most promising virtual reality equipment, can be user in a full range of visual illusion, like "avalanche" (Translation: Snow Crash, the first book to the network personality and the first hints of virtual reality for the characteristics of the cyberpunk novel) or "Star Trek" (one of the world’s most famous science fiction television series, Star Trek, produced by Paramount Pictures science fiction television series, story). But the Rift is facing a similar problem with other leading manufacturers (such as eMagin, Vuzix and even Nintendo) problem: This product allows users to feel like vomiting.

this is also the problem of virtual reality technology, just a good effect is not enough, we must do a perfect job. In traditional video games, it’s annoying to have too many delays – you press a button and wait for the screen to react. But in virtual reality, this situation makes people feel sick. If you turn your head, and a few inches from the eyes of the screen can not be adjusted immediately, the visual system will conflict with the system (vestibular), then you will feel very uncomfortable.

there are one million small problems like this, if the reality of virtual reality technology can come from the future of the scientists, these small technical aspects need to be resolved. The Rift has made some progress, enough to make a long time sad virtual reality fans excited, but from the expectations of the effect of The Rift, there is still a long way to go.

Arabi received a phone call from Abrash (Michael Abrash), which is a game software company Valve engineer. Valve has been working on virtual reality technology for some time, and with Oculus >

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