A seller’s Bill why do say that Taobao venture has been difficult to make money

sometimes entrepreneurs like flies on the window, the scenery outside is very good, a lot of food, but it can not fly past.

this is used to describe a lot of Taobao people, again appropriate. We see are the glamorous success stories, ear heard is a 19 billion 100 million "double 11", if Taobao is now the United States of California gold rush in the past, as long as can make a fortune, like.

The last time the

taxi driver and sea McCain, heard that I was doing e-commerce, all envy him to say: you make a lot of money and no cost! What I want to do a Taobao. I used to open a restaurant, because the cost is high, the results of the shop closed……

, the public misunderstanding of e-commerce has been regarded as hopeless..

I feel that the public advantage is the most simple Chinese vocabulary, are not familiar with its meaning. We all believe that doing Taobao, low cost advantage, but if everyone has this advantage, it does not call the advantage, and eventually will evolve into a vicious competition.

on the other hand, even if the network and entities compared to really have a low cost to say it?

I can only say: any of the cost of the entity, the network has; even, the network has some, the entity does not necessarily have.

we don’t believe it.

entity said: entity shop to decorate, decoration, props what ah, the shop is zero cost.

In fact,

, to build a shop, zero cost is: free copies of a few pictures, one night all fix their own wages gulp. But this situation, we must do a good job 365 days without business plan, is not open.

in fact, to build a reliable shop, at least 100 thousand ~20 million investment!


is the main cost: early creative planning, photography, graphic design, art shop late.

if you want to make sure that the customer comes to your shop and produces a heartbeat, then you have to pay. Casually referred to an advertisement company, this case will not be less than 100 thousand ~20 million investment; if to Ogilvy, also turned several times.

you might object to the fact that the picture is so beautiful?

is beautiful or the second, the key is to have! How do you ensure that the wages of 3000 yuan to recruit girls, can help you convey the correct design of commodity brand concept, your selling point, color of the copy, the heartbeat? This is not 20 years old young young people can do it, is the need of marketing and details of the plan.

so, if you spend 100 thousand yuan ~20 entity renovation, then the network still unavoidable.

moreover, the entity can be renovated for a long time once and for all, and the decoration of the network, is constant, there will be a new

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