Talking about the profit model of grassroots webmaster online money

often have a webmaster friends ask me how to make money doing what website, by making money online, for such general problems the author is not good in two words or three that several models today to take this opportunity to talk to you about to make money, hope to have certain enlightenment to the webmaster friends.

Adsense profit model a domain name to make money

in 2004 the author had spent 2500 to buy the 8844.com2005 200 thousand years to sell federal software, is a relatively early investment case, the author of a friend of a successful trading Chunyu, com, and the original purchase of the domain name only spent 30 thousand yuan, after less than 1 years to 110 thousand price of the transaction, but also it is a successful case of the domain name to make money.

Although the

domain name can make money, which also has a certain chance and luck, the most critical thing is to have investment vision. If you have no investment experience and want to make money through the domain related transactions, I suggest you buy a hard currency domain, such as digital 3 4 digital or com industry Shuangpin domain name, the domain name as long as the purchase in accordance with the current market conditions, the basic loss can also usually have the time bubble forum A5 domain name trading area or domain name city like the domain community, a comprehensive understanding of the domain name and domain name market transaction price.

webmaster website make money profit model two

current network spread personal webmaster is dead, I do not agree with this view, I think the Internet is still a lot of money to make money in the space, but relatively few years ago, the threshold is higher. According to the author’s observation, the vertical segments of the industry Web site is still a great market space, for example, for example in Jiangsu, Xuzhou has done a lot of glass enterprises, and these enterprises website even willing to spend money to do Baidu for advertising, that they still have a very good network promotion consciousness, if people do a glass bottle class B2B portal, the relevant keywords and glass bottles do go up, and then find these companies charge membership services or advertising or marketing services, it’s worth trying. For example, I know a few sweet scented osmanthus ginkgo or industry site, also in the 30-400 million through advertising or membership service a year, do this kind of website is the best combination of their hobbies or resources to do, the benefits of doing so is not pre profits can always adhere to profit.

in addition to the vertical category of the portal site, I believe that the two or three types of local community portals still have room for development, especially in the northwest. Some provinces and cities in the northeast and southwest of the community is not mature, there is still much room for growth of Internet users, these areas can have a try to do the webmaster, personal community website may be very difficult to do, need team cooperation, is responsible for site operations, responsible for technology, is responsible for the promotion of people responsible for the market adhere to 1-2 after I believe it can achieve something.

Adsense profit model three do service to make money


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