ntroduction to the video based services platform

group of video based services platform (http://s.union.huoju.tv) is a joint network service Co., Ltd. Beijing poly. Designed to provide a strong, stable and customizable video function for the cooperation website. All of the collaboration sites are free to get a video link based on the dual band video bandwidth, large video space, as well as the characteristics of the video content. Poly Group video service platform based on CO reservation site brand (domain name, CI), to help the rapid establishment of cooperative website belongs to its own website video channel, rapid increase of features of the website to enhance user stickiness, the rapid increase in traffic, improve website ranking. Moreover, the cooperation site in the future will have the opportunity to obtain commercial advertising revenue sharing. Group of video based services platform to provide world-class IDC and CDN network resources to ensure the high quality and reliability of video services using the century Internet data center.

poly video based services platform will be free to provide those services?
create video channel: help co create a video website cooperation channel, using the domain name of the website, the website of cooperation can be set free video channel display video works, support users upload video, retain the original website cooperation style.

can you get something for free?
1,   a complete video channel template system and forum video plug-ins.
2,   video required for large space and dual band bandwidth.
3,   the use of their own web site cooperation domain name, the video generated by any IP, PV unique.
4,   retain the overall style of the site’s Web site, Internet users in the enjoyment of video services, there is no difference.
5,   video channels and video plug-ins have absolute control of the forum, you can freely set the video column, content.
6,   cooperative web site users can freely upload, manage video works, increase the site’s interactive function and viscosity.
7,   the future of a business model to gather together, you can enjoy the benefits of sharing.

cooperation site need to pay?
      just a two level domain name on your site.

poly video based services platform free of charge to provide those resources?
1,   free independent video template system and video plug-in />2,
3 double stranded   professional technology, customer service and support team of editors.
4,   future business model

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