Wangzhuan industry also has risk network project should be cautious to choose

most people have heard of the stock market risk, market to be cautious, "this sentence, and for the Internet in me more as a topic of concern is in my opinion Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, also have the risk, no matter what type of Wangzhuan type has its potential risks, and this article" Wangzhuan risk, such as "I need to be cautious, I will describe several common higher risk, the hope can cause everybody’s attention.

first class Wangzhuan: click on the registration, investigation, risk money

, click on the registration and investigation of this class does not need to make investment Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, so many practitioners with the idea to make a fortune in, but when you go in to know whether the risk of this kind of project of the higher, below I risk:

1, if you can receive the money to ensure that, along with the influx of talent, now the Internet is not only the Internet, you may have money to find your credit is a month — white do you do after a month.

2, you are wasting a lot of time, time is money that many people are aware of this truth, but you cherish the time? This kind of Wangzhuan project without any technical content, you only need to repeat the action, but they waste a lot of time, so for you is one of the greatest losses.

3, click believe 1 hair, registered 1 yuan, 10 yuan in Wangzhuan practitioners, so I suggest you can wake up, if there is such a good thing, I would rather not do every day what to click, sitting beside the computer, you say to a different IP, it is also very easy. The automatic IP software, you can also write an automatic click on the software, so that I can not every day hundreds of thousands of income? Is it really that good things he do not let you do, I can’t believe.

second types of risk: the seemingly effortless Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

soft writing

soft writing this kind of Wangzhuan project contains forum text, press release and so on writing, but what do you think of this kind of Wangzhuan no risk? If you have this idea that I think you need to look at the following tips:


1, soft writing exists mostly unqualified phenomenon, if you don’t believe me this sentence, then I suggest you go to see the landing, a task if the 50 yuan of money, then at least contribute more than 5, so your hit rate is?

2, soft writing risk coefficient is high, there is one thing we don’t know is that some buyers will then use your article and then say to you: feel shy, your article is not qualified, so you will be taking a hard, how can you tolerate,


3, the price is low, hard worker, soft writing is one thing very mentally, and mentally but also let your body in a state of tension, so you can be with your life "

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