From the angle of domestic Wangzhuan Taobao customers choice and sustainable development

Wangzhuan, namely network to make money, investment and free, and this is the so-called free Wangzhuan zero investment, zero investment is not a pie in the sky, but with the lowest investment risk, at least, with plenty of time online for higher income. Of course, the initial income is very small, and even your Internet fees are not enough.

I would like to

the following two years of Wangzhuan experience, to provide some reference for the new people entering the Wangzhuan, hope you treat Wangzhuan, accurate selection of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, adhere to the.

my network time is relatively abundant, first contact Wangzhuan is out of curiosity, it really can’t believe that sitting in front of the computer can make money. When you see the Wangzhuan BBS that pull off the assembly line post praised you make much of the time, I finally began to move, for others to click, registration, surfing, hook to make money, when you receive the first income, really excited. Because it proved this fact Wangzhuan for me, but for others to click once registered only 1 points, a task usually just a few hair, have to spend a lot of time on it every day, a month down even broadband fee could not earn enough, how can you still continue to do so although interest? Now there are so many of them are still experiencing my experience, but I advise you to change ideas for breakfast, because it is only a matter of time


and I started learning website, to build their own personal website, then put ads on the website for others to click for me, registration, such income will be a little bit better, but always feel that this is not a thing ah, people advertising alliance is not all eat ah


finally, in 2009, launched Taobao customers, a new Wangzhuan finally available, is anxious to find content to enrich the website I use Taobao customers to promote information website today, you can see that take on an altogether new aspect! Like hot Taobao customer purchase guide sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain generally beyond count. This is a solid background Wangzhuan, this, Ali mother leading technology like this, this is a good idea to choose good Wangzhuan. Now the people who make money online and do not know Taobao off? You look at the weekly income of tens of thousands of influential man a lot, although my current income is only two thousand or three thousand per month, but you can other free Wangzhuan compared with this


why is Taobao so worth doing? At least I think there are two advantages to attract me:

is the first baby is rich in content, whether you are using Taobao TOP open call, or to own their own choice to promote the purpose of platform of the mom, will make your site look at a shopping site. What is the own visibility, so no matter your traffic is from Baidu search engine or other places, because the transaction process is completed in, such as high reliability, it is very easy to bring trading revenue. Furthermore, you can promote the Taobao shopping guide website at the same time, put some alliance advertising, such as Baidu theme, valley

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