Learn to experience the fun of me

know Wangzhuan, have a whole year. Register, click, vote. Have done. First of all to say that registration, registration is a simple, but the trouble of the task, some places are restricted areas, and some places are limited time.

a lot of advertising the registration fee is relatively high, you can not find a good home, do DHC know, a 6. 7 yuan, but your home to give you 2. 3 yuan, first of all, to find a good home, how to find a good home, many of them in Wangzhuan here, bidding and registration, which went to the high price, which, of course, this avoids many swindlers, but we register once, we not much loss, we should also try to do, not afraid of being cheated and as long as we persist, find a good home, your home more income than the average 2-3 times, do too many click, click, hold.. Some people refused, what should we do in order to better click? Also want to find a good home. At the time of registration, there are a lot of new people, do not want to fill in the name of the family, this is your complete name, completely mistaken, virtually no what, just for their popularity, for their higher income. Pull off the assembly line, if you can not pull, they do a special assembly line, but also a lot of money.

vote, voting is quite troublesome, I also do indeed too soon, what, why? Because of the need to enter the verification code, but trouble, people insist on a day, those who have 10-30’s income.

don’t ask me what to do to make the most money, I tell you, rob the bank to make the most money, but, you have guts, right?. I remember an old man made me, we must have perseverance, patience and confidence, so long, All sufferings have their reward. is the truth.

do Wangzhuan, your first month money has been good, I hope everyone in the beginning, stick to it, in fact not Wangzhuan as hard as you think. As long as you work hard, earn hundreds of dollars should also be (I can not reach this point).

I am a rookie in the bird, is a rookie in person, do Wangzhuan, although there is not much income, at least, this is a copy of my block. Hope that we can grasp. Do not believe what day into hundreds of knives, those who do not believe that the basic, there will be a harvest, harvest will be fun.

Wangzhuan fun, money is infinite, the spirit of the people to strive for more


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