A sophisticated business CEO is how to make Yao Jinbo experience


  December 5th, "entrepreneurs" & I horse IPO nothing more than just invited the former 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, made a pioneering sharing, tiger sniffing as follows:


cannot check business, as early as possible

how to determine the direction of entrepreneurship? When you look down, you engage in the field, the next five years do not conform to the Chinese habits, if you can certainly insist on. I am opposed to business case, VC can be so, but the entrepreneur can not think so. Business can not check out the location and as early as possible. Internet banking should be done three years ago, O2O should be done two years ago, as early as good organizational resources, such as talent, capital, etc.. 58 founded 8 years, 6 years ago has been questioned, and writer five years as one day write negative manuscript, then read quite suck, but negative to make the team more united, is to prove to others, we can model, team. So tell entrepreneurs, when someone scold you, to express gratitude.

entrepreneurship can not be successful in a short time, Ji Qi is no exception, he is doing the same thing with the same team, can not be used as a general reference. From the beginning of a company to the market, the general rule is 5 to 10 years, a long time to enjoy the process, so that the opponent will be dragged to death, the other party may not enjoy the process, can not stand the first retreat.

choose a breakdown of the field, even a poker playing are listed, and not what segments of entrepreneurial success? Choose a segmentation point, like a blade sharp, to achieve the ultimate, better than anyone, 58 is the beginning to make rent, dealing with all the people on the rent Beijing, "Banlou, tower" name, local people do not know, around move slang is not the same, all clear. I rarely say that they are a platform, may be mentioned in the listing, but for ordinary users, we only care about your service is not easy to use, easy to use I will continue to use.

entrepreneurs have the ideal, this is the power to carry on, but also unite the employees of the weapon, you dig people, maybe you do not value the high salary, but your ideal attractive, your ideal often to the media, customers, employees, let your dreams into each other’s ideal, even a lot of users willing to pay for your ideal, because he knows that you represent the future. Ma Yun put the ideal used in the extreme, to solve so many jobs, so that the world is not difficult to do business.

financing experience on

1, a good name: about financing, a 58 round of financing in history, the first round is very Saif found, then the front desk received a telephone, said Saif is looking for me, so I went to see the very fear, finally Saif threw 5 million. Yangdong is an article by Sina Technology found in the city of 58, then the industry has very few, say because my name is good, so look over the business, so take a good.

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