Do Wangzhuan where to find garbage station

Now we look at the first stage of the

beginner not advertising page is garbage, garbage station belongs to copy station series. So how do we find the garbage station program?

(1) search engine.

when we go to search some key words in Baidu or GG, often there will be some after SEO garbage station, station is the definition of content, advertising content, and some are erotic, or there is a relationship with the entertainment content, has the very strong attraction of eyeball. For example, some novel station, some picture stand, some small movie stations, these stations are not pornographic station, but now the Internet for rectification, these stations are mostly corpuscles, but their content is very hot, but from the Internet to search or self. Dynamic acquisition, the characteristics of these stations is more content, traffic, but does not have a sustainable development, in order to do traffic station.

skills: search for some popular keywords, often with erotic edge, such as silk stockings or sister.

(2) 779 exchange chain or other exchange chain

like flow chain in high flow is good, but the traffic often don’t have very high rates of return, of course, this also depends on what you do dumpster, so the webmaster to store and exchange traffic, usually use traffic exchange exchange chain. Storage and exchange can refer to the basic knowledge of corn before the first few sections. We can register in the 779 flow chain, put the code on a web page, and then we analyze the target site, and then one by one to see. If you want to find the best garbage station, that is, the 779 flow chain, the above are basically spam advertising, the content is quite tempting.

(3) advertising alliance

domestic advertising, they display advertising, basically rely on garbage station, in the advertising alliance, a business group, so we can add these groups, and then continue the above understanding of the webmaster, know the webmaster is a secret.

in the group, when he was the host, said it was very nice to know you, we introduce ourselves to each other, and then exchange more about it, the online presentation of their own, and then introduce themselves.

I was doing business in the room of communications companies, there are dozens of public server hands, but I do not operate the web site, today is to study with you, if you have any servers need to say it.

these people are accounted for cheap, so they will immediately add you, ask questions, and then you ask, what is the address of the station you ah, the day flow is how much ah, there is no Trojan ah, there is no virus ah, ah like porn….

you want to know, it’s all out.

want to know what the dumpster can copy?

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