YOU+ Liu Xin is not to subvert the real estate venture at the beginning of the end of hills and rive


YOU+ team and Lei Jun, from left to right respectively, Liu Yang, Liu Xin, Su Di lei. Sina Technology Heran Li

ten years ago, just out of the campus of Liu Yang and Liu Xin, like many college students chose to leave home to stay in the big city. The day of the night scene of debauchery seemed to heavy traffic, has nothing to do with them, have vision of the world, in reality it has become a mirage.

for newly graduated students, remove most of the daily expenses, wages have contributed to the landlord or property intermediary, and inexperienced students often is black intermediary landlord, object of bullying, Liu Yang and Liu Xin is no exception, so the two of them will do the initiation of the idea of youth apartment.

said that in the struggle of the road far away, they forget why. But after 7 years, through their own hard work have cars have room for Liu Yang, Liu Xin decided to complete the original desire, their houses, cars are sold, in exchange for the original Colgate Guangzhou toothpaste factory workshop, so YOU+ has the first base.

in the two ready to start when a big, cold that gave them a head-on blow, YOU+ is still in its infancy business plan almost died.

the end of hills and rivers

recalled the past, YOU+CEO Liu Xin said, the most difficult time, he and the two men on the left a few hundred dollars, but also owed a debt of the external debt of the.

sold the house, selling the car price also accepted an old plant, how can one get to that field? This would have said "the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Originally due to the pursuit of the ultimate pursuit of the transformation of the housing renovation, the results of a few million more than the budget.

rich man, no money man hard. Two people everywhere borrowing to raise money, but it is an utterly inadequate measure YOU+ the first floor, in the absence of complete renovation of the case has been interrupted by the company’s capital chain.

at this time, the real estate industry veteran Liu Xin, facing the end of hills and rivers situation, decided to try using similar methods to sell the house to ease the financial pressure, to some decoration good house rent out, to recover the money back into the other room decoration construction, so slowly survived this off.

YOU+ income of the first rent is only 1000, holding the 1000 Liu Xin decided to hand over to the chairman Liu Yang, so that this period of time under a lot of pressure on him, go out to relax for a few days.

interestingly, Liu Yang took the 1000 blocks to the sea, because less money can’t afford to live in the hotel, Liu Yang on the back of the tent on the beach for 3 days, but also because during eating seafood, eat a bad stomach, originally a decompression vacation, but was still more than the work of the crime.

YOU+ play

in the use of Liu Xin’s strategy, YOU+ also began to slowly close to the direction of the original two ideal. >

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