How to improve the conversion rate of the station

with the development of the network situation, Taobao want to build the site is imperative. However, the station has been built, the flow has a new problem has come, that is, how to improve the turnover rate, after all, Taobao passenger is through the Commission of the transaction, which is related to the problem of site traffic conversion rate.

a website conversion rate is concerned with many factors, but as long as we seize the main points of strengthening and implementation within a short period of time, improve the conversion rate is entirely possible, below I simple talk about some views of my own:

1, channel. Analysis of potential users of your site usually gathered in those places in the network, what time online at the same time, the largest number of work began to make the appropriate promotion and guidance to these. Do not throw rubbish post aimlessly.

2, SEO optimization improper. New SEO, due to the lack of experience, often choose a lot of vague popular keyword optimization, because these keywords competition dynamics, if not outside the chain of quality strong support, our new station is difficult to make up, so do SEO optimization, nor what flow basically. If the improper operation, but just the opposite; so the proposal should stand on the user’s point of view, choose some specific competition intensity in the early, large amount of target search keywords to do, so to improve your website’s conversion rate will have some help.

3, the site itself. We must continue to improve the user experience of the website, make it more humane, cite a simple example, you can add a shopping guide QQ consulting in their website, some users are not familiar with the convenience of online shopping for consultation, of course, the user experience is not only these included, we should be good at summarizing and application.

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