A disabled person is how the nternet wealth

On a recent visit to

blog to see a disabled users write the wealth of experience, very inspired, put the copy and paste. I also do Wangzhuan for a long time, but can not improve their website traffic. And this friend is through the Internet to get enough economic income of life, his methods and perseverance worth learning from. The original text is as follows:

2008 is such a strange year, the Olympic Games in Beijing, this should be a lucky year. However, the snow at the beginning of the year caused great economic losses to the country, the Lhasa incident also affected China’s image in the international community, the Sichuan earthquake so that people across the country. Things are always contradictions coexist, good factors will contain bad factors, bad things always have good signs. I work in the field, but there is a stable job, the wife at home, holiday inside to get along, life is good, this is going to make a little more money to go home and his wife what to open a shop, this life is settled.

life can not be plain sailing, can not be in accordance with what you want to develop. At that moment I can never forget, it seems to forget the pain, has been thinking about what to do in the future. This is because the accident paralyzed legs, and the boss paid part of the medical expenses and then disappeared. A few years of savings are spent, I also came home from the outside, can only sit in a wheelchair, every day but also by his wife to take care of.

looked at his wife busy working every day, but also to take care of me, my heart is really not the taste. Men can not cry, I can only cry in my heart, how many times I want to die, so you can get rid of, but there is always a voice told me there is a turning point in fate. Yes, the change is coming. 2009, I saw an ad on the Internet: earn 200 yuan per day, after training to pay tuition, customer service QQ457032xxx. I try holding the heart to contact the customer service, and customer service to open the site, carefully read the text and listen to the video, feeling inside the teacher speak well, look at the first free training, to earn money to pay tuition, just click to enter the registration.

did not expect the customer to contact me soon, and told me to learn the video address. Behind that is to listen to the video courses every day, and strive to follow the video to teach the way to do. Because many things do not understand the network before, every time to do it than those who are familiar with a lot of slow, so I spend more than twice a day to learn, to practice. Soon, I began to have income, received the first ad revenue 105 yuan, really happy. I contacted the teacher, but also told me about the situation, the teacher was moved, and presented the VIP students, each time a separate teaching. Now that I have a more stable income, I have started to learn new courses.

I feel that the Internet has given me the opportunity to rebirth, let me dare to face the family, let me find a sense of responsibility. Do not know how friends, I hope all the friends can not give up the difficulties encountered, there will always be a turning point in life