Google 2013 O conference by leveraging innovative nternet browser

Google I/O developers conference has been the world’s science and technology event.

local time on May 15th, more than 6000 engineers, entrepreneurs, software developers gathered in San Francisco. Google demonstrated a full range of products and software systems, once again demonstrated its strong strength in the Internet field.

at the meeting site, most people dressed in casual, wearing a T-shirt, wearing a pair of sports shoes. Google engineers are also wearing uniform t-shirt. In a word the most often heard is "cool" (Cool), and the strength of Google really cool.

however, Google at this conference did not launch the dazzling hardware products, but for developers to launch its flagship Chrome browser, Android (Android) application system features updated. In addition, Google also launched a native Android version of Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. This phone can be unlocked directly, using AT&, T and T-mobile networks, compatible with LTE services.

In addition, Google’s Music All Access push service, the user as long as the monthly payment of $9.9 will be able to reach Google’s millions of songs. At the same time, Google map also significantly updated, can real-time zoom all the way, and even see the earth image, its clarity and stereo sense is almost equal to 3D. When Google founder Paige (Larry Page) finally appeared in the field of speech beyond all expectations, bright starlight behind him is the earth and the Milky Way system, let a person feel the majestic momentum of Google technology.

15, a half page lecture time in the discussion of Chrome and Android applications, emphasizes the system better services for developers. In Google dazzling transcripts, as of 2013, Android’s global activation equipment a total of 900 million units, an increase of 125%. Compared with 2011, this figure increased by 800 million in two years. In developing countries, Google also showed an amazing market share.

, the Chinese market accounted for 90% of the total Android mobile handheld devices. As Google’s main desktop products Chrome OS, in the middle of last year, the number of active users reached 450 million last year, the total number of new users is more than 300 million. Up to now, the total number of monthly active users of Chrome OS remained at around 750 million.

Chrome is more open, more easily developed on the basis, it broke the previous browser constraints and boundaries, "from New York software developer Ryan · (Ryan Liu); Liu told the" First Financial Daily "reporter," with API, you can direct the development of application software in Chrome."

from more than and 20 cities in China, the Google developer community of the 25 members to attend the conference. Google developer community is developer, big