Novice to do Taobao customers need to pay attention to several aspects

is now Taobao customers can be said is the fire, many grassroots Adsense by Taobao customers to earn a pot of gold, can not help but many novice to say very reasonable, not all Taobao – to earn money, There are plenty of people who did not make money, even a few months is zero income. Before you do this, you must first understand and pay attention to the following aspects:


1 is to do the wedding dress for, Amoy earned is 1.5% – 50% Taobao sellers pay commission. Ali’s mother will deduct 10% of your service from your income. You only let the user enter the store or merchandise page from your guest links through the Alipay transaction and payment, you will have a successful trading commission.

2 Taobao customers not to build a blog or website to send several products on it can make money, your blog or website nobody here how the transaction, must go to promote your blog or website, you can exchange QQ group, QQ space can also be used to advertise, anyway, try to let others come to visit your blog or website.

3 choose products, find the right person. Guest selected product is very important, you choose the products in considering the Commission level also have to look at the seller’s credit degree is high, sales of large, high praise rate, it is easy to let the consumer trust, and facilitate the transaction. Choose what products to find what crowd to promote, so precise positioning. General selection of products based on: women love beauty, men love cool, children love smart, the elderly love the principle of health to choose. Choose your familiar product promotion is the best.

4 do not link to Taobao as a naked advertising to send, think about other people to give you the advertising you will be what mood, resentment is not it?. Want to send also want to pay attention to skills, you will want to promote the use of the product experience written in a short article, and then into the product link in the release, so that others will not see a close. A lot of ways to recommend products, think of yourself!

5 site guest first learn the website operation, website optimization expertise, you do not understand how these basic words can do a Taobao customer, and talk about how to make money.

novice to do Taobao or do not hurry, find out what is Taobao off, learn the basics, less detours, money is a matter of time.

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