Mobile Fetion promotion combat

Fetion is pushing China Mobile to send text messages for free software, since the mobile advertising promotion through the Internet, the horn Gala can see Mobile Fetion ads, greatly small Adsense are playing life, their housekeeping skills. It’s no wonder that the price of 1.5 yuan / month, is two times the original price of Firefox is different, this is no longer the Google alliance, but by the domestic league to the operation, characteristics of the domestic league is the "black", but also domestic webmaster to force, although the deduction amount is very serious, but because the price is enough high, or some money.

gossip does not say, I introduce the following methods of operation and the results of my own practice.

1, to ad Fetion advertising. As far as I know, at present only the results of alliance can apply to Mobile Fetion registry.

2, make advertising page.

3, through the bidding, it is recommended to choose Adwords bidding, traffic will be guided to the advertising page.

4, every day to the background of the union to view the income, to the Adwords background to see the input, through the input and output of money, how much money can be calculated every day.

is the result of my actual combat test this month, to provide a reference for everyone:

operation days: 10 days

put advertising fee: 400 yuan

promotion income: 600 yuan

profit: 600 yuan -400 yuan =200 yuan

margin: 200/400=50%

website: 56 video

10 days 200 yuan is not much, but when I was in the operation of the project, there is no intention, if used in bidding on some heart, in the same keyword click price selection, promotion effect should be better. For those who are familiar with the auction, I can see the above introduction can be operated immediately, if you do not understand the place, you can contact me, QQ:109139142