Small profit website make a million little twist web site.

2007, my aunt was a food company, mainly the production of China traditional snack food company twist, everything is ready, production line equipment are first-class, product sales after the establishment of the company is very good, but because the marketing cost is too high, the profit of enterprises has not been too high, so aunt asked me to help her get a look at the site in online sales.

then at the beginning of 2008, I established a network with Chinese twist Empire CMS, start site visits is minimal, so I then use some SEO my knowledge of the site was optimized:

1 a large number of links to increase, in all my personal blog, a number of well-known forum posted on the web site to introduce posts to attract links.

2 in Baidu know answer questions in Baidu encyclopedia entry plus website links, such as Baidu encyclopedia entries twist.

3 site content to improve the layout of the site.

soon, the site’s ranking in Baidu will have effect, and bring a lot of customers, my aunt’s fax busy every day, although there are most of the advertising, but obviously, this site does play a role of twist. Because of the Internet to customer is the active site, so it eliminates the cost of marketing, the past marketing cost is very high, the sales representative of the basic salary plus commission, the cost of enterprises accounted for about 30% of the cost.

last year, when the Spring Festival, I joked with my aunt said, I bring you every month there are a lot of customers, should not be with me red envelopes? Aunt Frank said: "on your site with your customers in accordance with the 5% Commission." I immediately exultation, that I should also be divided into ten thousand pieces of it!

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