Wangzhuan over 10000 is how to do it

speaking of Wangzhuan, maybe a lot of people will think of Taobao, so we know how to do Wangzhuan is the most profitable? Amoy is a project only, if not the guest how do you do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? Only Amoy this way? There is no other way of



if you’re determined to do a full-time Wangzhuan, you must first, why do you say that? You may know you have a lot of station to Amoy, said thousand at least thousands, so how do they do it? In fact, the reason is very simple, because he had done a long time in the Tao do, Amoy rely on keywords to make money, then the key how to bring traffic? Then the search engine ranking in the search engine, you stand the longer your ranking will also be more forward, but also many other factors, but if you do it in the beginning, but you do website is also good so, I believe that you will be in a million webmaster in that column, you must first do Wangzhuan, like a project when a person do you can earn one hundred thousand, so many people may have your income Will reduce.

project development

said the project can be said to have been a topic I said rotten, but the project is very important, whether Wangzhuan or reality, if there is a good project, and then try to do down, solid, you can have a good income, then how to expand the project to expand the project? If you already have a good project, and then expand the new project, then you have the first excavation project, the project is everywhere in life, you should always pay attention to the online dynamic, especially the "Baidu billboard" said excavation project, is also of great help to bring traffic.

if you find a good project, you must have to perform better, but also in the implementation of the expansion, there is a saying, do the project must be focused, but attention must also will explore new projects, do not hang in a tree. If you do not work this project, as well as from the project to reproduce the project, then how to expand the project?

for example, hello than in Taobao, then you can put the experience you write it all down, and then made a textbook, so do the Tao people, pop up, then you can put your is the production of materials sold out, while at the same time you hand Amoy the income increase gradually in the guest you have declined, so you can take to sell the tutorial to compensate for the reduced income. If you develop more then you can get more income, if a good project, it can be said that it is "training", this is one of the best projects, but this project you have to have a convincing case or something to let others believe you.


said that I have said a lot of executive power, no matter what you have to do, you have a good project is not implemented in vain, like me