UCloud founder big data cloud computing more entrepreneurial opportunities

UCloud, founder of CEO

Xinhua season

is one of the indispensable roles in the big data ecosystem.

and foreign cloud computing, big data startups and continue to spread the huge wave of financing, mergers and acquisitions in this country is still in the waiting stage.

, which was founded in 2012, UCloud, is one of the more successful domestic cloud computing companies. Currently, UCloud has more than 1 thousand business customers, and to grow at a rate of 20% per month. It is outside the BAT, the vertical field for the entrance, focusing on entrepreneurial business users, in the giant enveloped market gradually grow.

"cloud computing and big data as one of the right-hand man." UCloud CEO, founder of Ji Xinhua recently in an twenty-first Century economic report interview said, the two complement each other can quickly help enterprises to carry out large data services, application more and more is causing profound technological and commercial change worldwide.

in fact, with the big data at the same time the highest frequency of cloud computing. Look at the organization structure of BAT three giants, big data and cloud computing are affiliated with the cloud sector. Ji Xinhua said the cloud platform for resource allocation, utilization, rapid expansion and other functions can greatly meet the urgent needs of enterprise users for big data services.

this year, UCloud has launched a large data analysis platform based on cloud computing business. Ji Xinhua said that before the big data stays at the conceptual level, much less the big Internet Co landing; the basic realization of the landing, but for some entrepreneurial companies, both in technology and talent, it is difficult to achieve, so UCloud launched a large data platform, let the enterprise can achieve the use of big data.

is different from BAT’s big data business model, UCloud has its own business logic.

into the game

twenty-first Century: in the field of cloud computing, the current domestic market is what kind of pattern?

Ji Xinhua: at present, the market has just begun, last year’s market size is only about 1 billion yuan, but the growth rate is particularly fast, we have reached an average monthly growth of 20%. Of course, the competition is very fierce, especially giant, start-up companies are relatively small.

twenty-first Century: why do you choose the field of cloud computing venture UCloud how to break through the market structure in this way?

Ji Xinhua: the industry is not mature, so there is a chance. Moreover, we have accumulated in terms of cloud computing, I personally have been responsible for Sheng Dayun’s business, research and development and operational experience.

in the main players in the market, the difference is critical. Large companies only provide a platform for UCl>

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