Baidu Google keyword advertising click fraud

      chain enterprise boss Lao Fan, in order to expand the franchise teams, ranking in Baidu, Google search advertising on the site to invest a lot of bidding. Although the adoption of the click charge advertising model, the monthly advertising fee is still high, but the effect is far less than expected.

"water click advertisement

old fan does not know, participate in the ad clicks in addition to some really want to understand customers to join, more clicks are not.

"every day there are different interest groups have a variety of purposes in the click advertisers advertising, this phenomenon is called click fraud in the industry," a former Baidu dealer told reporters.

      according to the analysis of malicious click there are several possibilities. The first is the competitor for, is to consume a lot of opponents of the budget; the second is from the search engine advertising alliance website, the implementation of their advertising click behavior for each click advertising commissions; third reasons may come from bidding agent service, as part of the search engine PPC service providers to the agent from the commission the user input costs, users of the PPC more on advertising, service providers can get more revenue.

malicious click in China is showing a flood and can not control the situation." Wang Jianjun, vice president of Sohu, responsible for the search business, said the malicious clicks online advertising industry has been an open secret.

Driven by the interests of the

, agents are no longer even artificial clicks, but the use of related software automatically click on the ads published on their own website, to increase the purpose of advertising revenue.

in fact, into a "click fraud" distress is not only like the old fan of the advertisers, such as Baidu and Google search engine vendors also feel very headache.

$90 million price

2005, Google was sued several companies in Arkansas, claiming that its purchase of Google paid advertising did not achieve the desired results, accusing the Google click fraud. After a year of mediation, recently, the event has resulted.

March 14th, Google announced in the United States, is willing to pay $90 million to settle the click fraud case".

2005, Google’s revenue reached $6 billion 100 million, almost all from search advertising, although it claims to click fraud accounted for only 1% of sales, but for the online advertising business and brand image have caused a huge negative impact.

president of the product management department, said in an interview: click fraud will cause very bad consequences, so the company will take seriously." This also explains why YAHOO will create

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