Combined vertical and horizontal cooperation website, open up new markets

with the impact of the global financial crisis is deepening, a large number of IT companies continue to lay off, a lot of people in the industry said: is not the Internet bubble again? In the new dawn of the crisis, we should change the way of thinking. Not like before, and to actively seek a win-win situation. A lot of personal webmaster said he how to update the site how tired, do not want to do dumpster, but the strength of the individual is limited. One of the main characteristics of personal webmaster is not like to face to face communication, what is always QQ, MSN. So in many ways have been limited, such as advertising, such as pulling investment. So many people in order to profit, the choice of advertising alliance, of course, this is a good way to profit. However, generally like GG such a large advertising alliance are more stringent. The choice of small and medium advertising alliance, there will be a problem of deduction. Recommended here you can try to promote the joint platform. The so-called joint promotion is to give you a platform for advertisers, then your domain name can be resolved into their platform, this promotion is your own domain name of the site, but users occurred when the consumer in the station, will give you a certain commission. Do not look down on this Commission, generally higher than the advertising alliance. For example, " campus star network " do is an auxiliary platform for campus network, and then most of the visitors are college students. The characteristics of college students is the consumption ability is not high, but the time is enough. And many college students like to play the game, if it is an undergraduate also test 4, level 6, or no degree. So " school star network "and" bubble play "and" ask school "cooperation. The former is a website for the operation of the web game, while the latter recently opened a new shopping mall, mainly for students of the shopping website. In this way, the "campus star" is more of a game platform and a shopping mall, and the two can profit by selling cards and goods. This model with the traditional advertising the biggest difference is the main website promotion is their website, and customer service and update will have the operation, the most important thing is to bypass the advertising of the intermediate links, can be made into the largest. Interested parties may wish to try.

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