Talking about CPM, CPC, CPA, PFP website money description

A network media (Web site) will contain ten or even several tens of thousands of pages, on the network advertisement position and price involves the specific page and browse number. This is like the print media (such as newspapers) of the "position" and "Circulation", or radio media (television) "time" and "ratings" concept.

1.CPM (Cost Per Mille, or Cost Per Thousand; Cost Per Impressions) cost per thousand

The most scientific way to pay for online advertising on

is to see how many people charge for your ad. Pay per visit has become a common practice of online advertising. CPM (thousand people cost) refers to the process of advertising, to hear or see the average number of ads per person to share the cost of advertising. Traditional media use this pricing method. In online advertising, CPM depends on the "impression" scale, usually interpreted as the number of times a person’s eyes stare at an advertisement in a fixed period of time. For example, the price of an advertising banner is 1 yuan /CPM, which means that every time you see the of this Ban-ner, then received $1, so analogy, 10000 people visit the home page is $10.


as to how much per CPM charges, according to the degree of popularity of the home page (that is, the number of visitors) to divide the price level, to take a fixed rate. International practice is from CPM to $200 per.

2.CPC (Cost Per Click; Cost Thousand Click-Through) cost per click


billing per click. This method plus the click rate "WX") can limit the difficulty of strengthening cheating, and promote the optimal way of web site. However, these methods have a lot of business ads feel unfair, for example, although the viewer does not click, but he has seen the ads for these see ads without clicking on the flow. The site became a white busy. There are many websites do not want to do this kind of advertising, it is said, because the traditional media has never done so.

3.CPA (Cost Per Action) cost per action?

CPA pricing refers to the actual effect of advertising, that is, according to the response of the effective questionnaire or order to charge, without restrictions on the amount of advertising. CPA valuation methods for the site, there is a certain risk, but if the success of advertising, its revenue is much larger than the valuation of CPM way. Advertisers to avoid the risk of advertising costs, only when the network users click on banner ads, links to the advertiser’s web page, click on the number of times to pay the cost of advertising sites.

4.CPR (Cost Per Response) cost per response? "

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