Facebook editor Fletcher will leave next month to start their own business

Facebook executive editor Dan · Fletcher


technology news (Zhong Tao) March 22nd Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook executive editor Dan · Fletcher (Dan Fletcher) announced on Wednesday that he will quit during the month, and will create one of your own Internet startups.

in the same day at the Washington State University Edward Merl Lo Institute of communications held in the event, 25 year old Fletcher announced his resignation news. Fletcher said: "I will leave in mid April this year, because I am very interested in other Internet business model. It should be said that Facebook is not a lack of strength in our current society, but there are other things that interest me."

Fletcher joined Facebook in January 2012. The move sparked speculation that Facebook is likely to enter the news coverage. Fletcher served as social media director of the Peng Bo news agency. After joining Facebook, he helped the company to create a Facebook Stories service, the service is mainly engaged in brand news business. Facebook said, Facebook Stories intended to share the experience of Facebook users in an unusual way". These user stories will be translated into 16 languages around the world for Facebook users around the world to read.

"no editing"

Fletcher said: "I think their biggest mistake is to give me the title of executive editor. The title is misleading. Facebook does not need editors and reporters, because Facebook users up to 1 billion, they can provide content." Fletcher to attend Edward Merl Lo School of communication activities held by the audience said: "here is a reporter, you can talk about friends and family Facebook, good content no more attractive than these."

over the past few years, many U.S. Internet Co began to introduce brand news service concept. Fletcher said that in terms of Facebook, the story of the brand to provide users with the contents of the people feel a bit strange". Fletcher said: Facebook should be engaged in the background service. If Facebook starts to make content, it’s a departure from the idea behind the scenes."

Fletcher also said that some of the Internet Co’s news services actually do very well, such as 29.io, Matter Magazine, The Atavist and Kindle Singles. These content providers sell content to other websites or mobile device users. Fletcher said, in the long run, very much see

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