Fill in the GG phone from Western Union

today to help a friend to get Google Adsense to pay advertising costs, to a not previously visited network, Chongqing Jiangbei District in the Guanyin Bridge bank teller, actually asked to fill out Google phone.

I, accompanied by friends at least 20 times for Western Union business, had never been asked to fill out the Google company’s phone, and even many even when Google address of the company do not have the complete, but not to fill out the Google phone can not.

I explain to the salesperson, we are online business, all through the online contact, such as e-mail, never had a telephone contact, the other party can not tell me the phone number. But the woman killed the demon evil dumped over a word: "no call to get the money!"

what attitude? Don’t be an abc!

then found an Internet cafe, enter the Adsense background view payment information, but did not find the phone company google. Finally, by querying the domain name registration information, found a phone +1.6506234000, fill it in, it is not the Adsense Department of the phone, but I think, ABC certainly impossible to verify. The OK, and finally got the money.

just get the money back on the Internet, to tell you this experience, if you want to fill out when you want to fill out the Google company phone, you can fill in +1.6506234000

finally write the full information of Google company:

Name: Google Inc.

payment (written in the "name", "name" don’t write in)
payment telephone: +1.6506234000

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