How do earn 200 (three) twist the snakeskin bag to do e-commerce

What is the relationship between

Pidai and e-commerce, e-commerce is twisted from early Pidai began, we mentioned earlier that day to earn 200 to understand business to do business, but also to the network when the wife see when undertaking, the third section introduces: twisted Pidai do e-commerce, playing a good foundation to make money.


electronic commerce from 90s in China rise early, some electronic commerce website is on the twisted Pidai began, there was no such now conditions are good, you can search to thousands of thousands of customers to visit, only to find customers in e-commerce platforms to input information, and then twist the snakeskin bag to go around collect relevant information of enterprises.

for example is that the early, they sent a large number of personnel to collect business information, then we went to many places in the ridge, many people are not too ignore, rebuffed everywhere, being black, but I never gave up, because in the Internet need this kind of spirit can take temporary setbacks. The impudent brazen to do great things, people can stand the test.

we call 100 times a day, sometimes with more than and 100 enterprise information, not finished the achievement no bonus, every day from the field to collect information input to the website, so I do not complex in the complex things simple things complicated, more familiar to me now that day 100 information is a very easy thing, that we engage in network promotion is the same, this is very good, is to hone started to do more naturally feel very simple, but some people you call him with 20 articles a day is not good, such a person is lack of willpower and the spirit to endure hardship, reasonable the requirement is training, training requirements are unreasonable


is a day to earn 200 hardworking people who can earn, not the hardships of the people that is speculation, said the hardship, in rural areas where people don’t know how many times of hardship than e-commerce, people go to a couple of miles away to cut trees, every night back, only to sell tens of dollars, then we do the network learn to endure hardship, do 5 stations, daily updated 40-50 article to spend 2-3 hours to maintain. As long as I insist, I believe that a few thousand dollars a month to earn income is also very normal. Because twist the snakeskin bag to run the electronic commerce, because the day n information, so my ability to ascend out of the day to earn 200, lay a good foundation to make money.

grabbed the snakeskin bag is made of electronic commerce, the beginning is very difficult, it is sweet, want to do business on the Internet, do Wangzhuan, have to endure hardship, many successful people are coming from here, to edit a day to send 100 more than the article, in order to learn more experience, better hone their will test, please do the Internet friends remember: complex things should be simple to do simple things to do. Serious things to do. Repeat things to do creatively. Following the right track date earn 200 (four): I do IDC earn the first barrel of gold. (author: Shi Xianhui)


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