The 100 day into the station design

crawling on the Internet for so long, out of work for nearly two years, the main thing is to do website construction and website promotion. In the webmaster online to see more colleagues experience, think of yourself as a station, and the station can be profitable, not profitable website no power to do it.

although he did not formally run the site, but in the webmaster online learning so many predecessors experience, no matter the experience is the soft Wen is hard, he summed up a lot of harvest. Do the station first analysis under their existing situation, in order to fight before the friend.

manpower statistics: I am a

the work: and program / Art / content / promotion (this is the site of programming, art, borrowed directly from the online template modification, their content one day add about ten to add, do not collect, their search optimization with some work experience, on the site of these four aspects I can do)

time: I go to work during the day, at night is free time, night time from 8 to about 12, probably invested time of 4 hours

the profit way: I hope this website as soon as possible to bring me return (all owners hope so, ha ha), did not return the site long time business, will become increasingly powerless, now the site of the profit model there are two kinds, one is charging, two ad. Charges directly skip, is to pick the ad. There are two kinds of advertising, one to pull their own advertising, the two is to rely on the alliance. I have to pull the jump, can only rely on the union. A lot of Online Union, the country’s largest advertising alliance on Baidu, Google, Ali mother! There are a number of other alliances, but listen to the webmaster online friends to discuss, it seems that the feeling is not very good. These three are at least regular. Then several types of advertising alliance, click, press effect and so on, but these are in a premise that there may be big gains, is when you stand flow is very high, at least tens of thousands of IP can change effect, and a new station, short time to get this traffic, to me, is not very practical. Look at their advertising model in the league, I finally chose the theme of the site is the Ali Mama Taoke mode. Because the guest mode is based on based, and each IP to get publicity if you buy Taobao above things, the commission rate is relatively objective, this can be achieved in the short term rapid return.

integrated the above points, the profit to Amoy advertising way selected, it simply the website construction of special guest site, as more direct point. After finalizing the idea, spent a few days time, so that the on the completion of the building, after all, the current CMS system for me, it is relatively easy to modify. The main work these days is to fill the contents of Amoy to their website, or page space, but also just to other website alliance for the two ad, before the idea is anyway pages are empty, just pick up some of the.

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