Xu Xiaoping Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship 90% will die a few happy

. He is the founder of New Oriental students, visa and consulting business, and Wang Qiang, and Yu Minhong said to support the development of New Oriental "three carriages". Today, turned to an angel investor, no longer talk about going abroad, visas, career planning, but talk about entrepreneurship and investment.


following Xu Xiaoping’s classic sayings part of finishing:


, once a friend do PE friend told me that Alipay and VANCL start-ups are looking for him, to raise the seed money, but they do not vote so early. I listened to the foot, I was voted early, if they find me, I might vote: Generally speaking, corporate executives to work out (aged), or the success of enterprises to create a new project (Taobao, WeChat), the success rate is much higher than that for the first time entrepreneurs.

2, entrepreneurial failure after the venture, the success rate is also higher. Where the customer is aged third in business. PayPal is also its founder’s fourth venture. Entrepreneurship is the greatest challenge to the wisdom of life experience. To honor those who are successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

3, when I make a lot of money, I do not think this is my Chinese dream, this is not loaded. My dream is to put the money to entrepreneurs as dung sprinkle acres of farmland, it can produce a golden fruit last night with a lump of gold. So, I am the China dream to the depth, my dream is to help Chinese at the moment nothing cornered young people find them, let them realize their dreams. 57 years old, I can say that it is a mother’s dream, like the Mothership, it contains many young people dream.

4, I hope entrepreneurs understand the meaning of team spirit. Team spirit is not the wine and dine harmony, it is called "a mercenary friend"; not only verov promise to listen from, that is called "employment consciousness". Team spirit is the team spirit in the common values and mutual respect, cherish the premise of mutual support and promotion. My relationship with Yu Minhong and Wang Qiang in New Oriental is such a relationship. This is the most precious treasure in my life.

5, China in the present, entrepreneurship is indeed the strongest voice. Every time I cast a project, I would like to "is a Facebook" – the results tend to become "and not die". This is the process of looking for hope forever in despair, but also I do five or six years of investment experience and valuable experience.

6, venture capital companies will die?. As long as the founder does not die. Many book left a few dollars, as long as you don’t give up, often also can be re energized. The beginning of the new century, almost every day, leading to the collapse of the company, but Yu Minhong insisted in the end, has been insisting to today.

entrepreneurship will always have a direct relationship with their ability, dreams and will. It in pursuit of the sun, you >

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