Why should startups have their own communities


editor’s note: This article by Feast co-founder and CEO David Spinks, tells the story of an online community (community) for start-up companies and help the potential benefits, in addition to focus on building products on the outside, spend some time and resources to build a high viscosity of the community can help you accumulate more loyal customers.

I know it’s a bold request for a startup to turn their attention to the product or beyond.

is also the founder of a start-up company, I also know that time is our most valuable resource, we often in order to maintain their own concentration and rationality and refused a lot of things.

then why do I have to write an article to let you turn their attention to the community? Because I have to first view experienced a lot of startups in the community benefits, and even many in the early on community growth.

Lyft, Airbnb, Eventbrite, Lift, Foursquare, Soundcloud, Skillshare, Udemy, Github, Binpress, Yammer, Hootsuite, Buffer and so on, I can take a day to give all in building community has invested a lot of time and resources in these companies, social class, B2B, B2C, hardware etc. entrepreneurial companies are focusing on their company’s brand and products to create their own community.

why is it that these startups face so many things that need to be focused on, and why is the community not missing?

to create a higher degree of participation of the preacher

startups can get from the community the most simple but also the most valuable thing is a high degree of participation of users or consumers.

as long as the process is not a mistake, your community can create a sense of belonging, users will feel that they are part of an important thing, they will be proud of this, feel very special. They and your brand is no longer just a product and function of the relationship between the brand is a kind of emotional accumulation around.

my mentor Aki Sano once said, "when you can find someone who truly loves you, you will know what you are doing is successful".

and create a high viscosity of the community is undoubtedly a lot of people fall in love with your brand’s most direct proof of this user’s high degree of participation will also bring more benefits to your business

is more down to earth

The value of

is perhaps the most important and the user can mingle, your community = your users.


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