Linkedn CEO the most valuable lesson learned as president

recently in a global leadership summit, someone asked LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner such a question: what is the most valuable lesson learned as a company CEO


Jeff Weiner answer is: when an important member of the team is no longer suitable for his position, it will remain in situ, this error will be made by many managers, and the price is very large.

, of course, how to determine whether a team member is no longer suitable for a position, this question is difficult to answer, but Jeff Weiner still gives him a few suggestions:

1 first, when you start asking yourself this question, you already know the answer, but it’s hard to admit it. After all, as a company CEO or founder, and your task is to ensure that the responsibilities of each employee in the proper position. To admit such a mistake, you have to give up a lot of psychological burden. Perseverance is really a good thing, but when it stops you from doing the right thing, change it.

2 make a schedule. As soon as you find an important employee can not meet the requirements, as a CEO you have to think about what to do. Not immediately dismiss it, at least to make a timetable, to determine how long the staff to improve his performance. But what is the specific time, Weiner think this is very difficult to generalize, whether it is for a month, half a year or a year, the key problem is to help him to improve work performance and solve the problem. In addition, let the staff know that you make this timetable, and clearly inform the need for performance indicators. Of course, to provide adequate tools and training.

3 A is not appropriate employees to stay in his position, is actually the most unsympathetic thing; on the contrary the most human practice is to transfer him to another job, and this process as possible is very decent, very constructive to the company, this is the best way to solve the pain his work. For example, Weiner said, before he dismissed an employee, a few months later the man came back to find him, said the experience of his occupation and life is the most correct decision. In addition, the online working platform oDesk CEO Gary Swart also said that he had fired a man who later thanked him in turn.

short, one would think, because no longer appropriate and off work for a long time employees, is a very cruel thing, but experienced this kind of thing CEO will tell you the truth may be just the opposite.

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