No goods can shop online is to earn less

"don’t make money for a penny: when you hear that, everyone laughs at it, but it does.

said the shop on the Internet bar, we think the most difficult is to find a good online shopping channels, or into the goods sold. But in fact, do not spend a penny can also be purchased, but also into a lot of goods, and do not worry about the goods sold out. Now tell this allows you to easily earn a four or five dollar method.

you must first to to register a shop, then you go to eBay, Dangdang this shopping website, go shopping, see what products, easy to sell, so after the details of the product, the product pictures in your shop. For example, you see a book, Dangdang can feel, let you to your website to sell this book, when people buy the book in your store, you have to to buy this book, fill in the shipping address in your shop to buy the customer address. To put it simply, you are selling the goods in the store to your store. If you often go to the shopping online, as long as you are careful you will find the same product, have different prices, in fact, some people just do this, in its shopping online purchase, sales in their own shop, such as a DVD price of 5 yuan of money, in his own shop on the price of 7 yuan, but he do not have to spend a cent, the only thing to do is to, with the products, pictures and other copy to their own shop, move the mouse, will earn two dollars.

there is a principle, my colleagues are using, she registered number two in Taobao, she called a tuba, a trumpet, tuba special shop put Taobao sales of products, and to raise the price, people buy, use Taobao to buy a trumpet in the same but the lowest price of the product, so that people can not find your account is third party middleman, you get will generally be more than 10% of the money from

!This is the basic principle of

, in fact there are many skills, let you according to this principle, make more money, if the shop price is too high, the natural products sold, in order to make your products sell more, your price in your shop selling products, such as a watch you see the price on eBay. Is 100 yuan, you in your shop on the sales price of 100 yuan, or even so you can earn money. Why, the first of these shopping sites often engage in activities, such as the purchase of 100, back 20 yuan in cash, gift gifts, these are for shoppers, but you are not your shoppers, buyers, shopping is to sell, purchase quantity with relatively large, get cash back will be more like this one month down, only by these, you can earn a few thousand dollars. In addition these shopping sites have to be shopping, when the amount reaches a certain amount, free postage, so you can make a fortune.

this method actually looks very simple, of course, there are many practical skills in practice, here I simply tell

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