Bai Cheng travel network founder how to put the visa readme into traffic entrance

boil for 14 years "old trees" enterprises — Bai Cheng travel on the tree, finally obtained by Alibaba led, broadband capital with the cast B round of investment of nearly $20 million. Before the Alibaba invested in poor travel network, on the road now, Bai Cheng also stand in the online travel of the air, "the stand", and even become an important bargaining chip with the Tencent O2O Ali game "".

Bai Cheng was founded in 2000, located in the beginning to use the Internet to do outbound tourism, outbound travel is to seize the first machine, but because of the online travel market is not mature, Bai Cheng experienced four times almost "broken blood" process. The founder had loose in 2011 took Bai Cheng, before giving up heavy business practices, starting from the industry’s most neglected visa services, quickly accumulated a large number of user data, and by the visa services derived from other travel outbound service, create outbound one-stop service for the user. Now, Bai Cheng annual revenue has reached 200 million yuan.

I dark horse network recently interviewed the Bai Cheng travel network founder Ceng Song, he restored the key nodes of their business process and the development of the company to I horse network:

seize the online outbound first machine, 4 insurance into martyrs

I was in 1994 to enter the outbound tourism industry, then came to Beijing just to have a job, the work is very simple, is to send tickets. In 1996 I borrowed 300 thousand, created a system of brand "outbound travel zero ETIHOLIDAY- dragon miles", start their own business. Just started the business when it is zero start, do is the traditional travel, from (19) to the 2000, four years, we did the first in the European market, then feel very easy to make money.

(but) when the Internet appeared, I felt it really will overturn many things, when their own news gets changed, from the purchase of paper-based newspapers changed to obtain information from the three major portals, and have the following three reasons: one is the consumer access to information and life because the Internet has changed, the two is the change in consumer habits will be the traditional business model in the field of B2B three is the direct impact of the Internet can improve operational efficiency.


did not think should use the Internet to do what, but feel that this kind of May, 1999 I founded the global age immigration Co. Ltd., 2000 investment in Byecity Technology Development Co. Ltd., and founder of Bai Cheng travel, outbound travel is positioning. As for what to do, with what method to move, all not to good. In retrospect, we launched Bai Cheng’s time is a bit too early, 14 years ago, outbound tourism and Internet interaction actually still hasn’t started, China outbound tourism consumers value interaction is very low.

In fact,

Bai Cheng and Ctrip is the same year (when) generation, the difference is we insist on more than ten years of outbound, has not changed, but it does not apply to that era, the network in the process

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