Secrets of Google Adsense (Chinese version)


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dear reader,

thank you for buying the second edition of the expansion of the Google did not tell you: using Adsense to make money trilogy!

if you are a novice Adsense, then you may need to consult the Adsense Support Pages or online index Glossary in the reading process to get help.

I try to ensure that the book is compact, and the main focus on how to improve your Adsense income. In this book you will find some very practical solutions, such as attracting target traffic, enhance the content and improve the correlation between Adsense advertising attention and so on, these are the main site and is very concerned about the difficult problem. A number of people (including myself) have benefited a lot from the use of simple and legal methods in the book.

no matter what kind of Web site you run, and no matter what the content of your site, you will find a lot of useful ways to make your Adsense revenue increased significantly.

in this book, I will give you the skills I have used to impart to you, these techniques have been almost overnight to make my Adsense income increased by ten times. You can try to use their own skills.

if you’re looking for a big part of the Dummies type, tell the whole story about "what the hell is Adsense?"" Or "the content of advertising history". Well, this booklet may be a little out of your expectation. The reason why I write this book is that I don’t want the reader to lose interest in seeing what is really useful. After all, this is the first time that I’ve been able to disclose these proven techniques to improve Adsense hits.

is that why you bought this book?

if so, you will not be disappointed.

of course, you can find a lot of free from the Internet related knowledge and skills, I do not deny their existence and value. In fact, if you want to learn the basics, there is no way to guide fast better than Google own Adsense.

you may want to print it out to carry, when there is a problem to take out a reference. Why spend money on free content? It’s better to go straight to Google!

in fact, this book is not a little useless for beginners. In this supplement

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