Biography Baidu is secretly built 2008 League by the Olympic Games to achieve portal ambitions

              IT Sohu from informed sources informed that Baidu is currently building a named "2008 union" website alliance, trying to take advantage of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to achieve the ambition of the Baidu portal.

sources, the alliance is still in formation, Baidu may be announced in September. Sources did not disclose more details. Baidu did not release the portal strategy at the Baidu World Conference in August 9th. In the beginning of this year has been a news license Baidu, on how to do news, Baidu insiders said there is still no final solution.

if the sources of the news is true, complete the formation of the 2008 coalition, or will be modeled at present Baidu theme promotion, Baidu will immediately grab information, together with the advertising alliance website members together to push on the website. Baidu currently has about 15 Union partners, just recently announced the launch of Baidu TV video advertising system, the formation of a new video alliance system. Baidu may integrate news, community and search products pushed to tens of thousands of union website.

"Baidu may want this alliance to change the reading habits of Internet users." An analyst who asked not to be named, said, at the same time through the Olympic Games to find their own way to do news. In this way, the brand advertising revenue may increase in order to change its profit only search advertising to maintain a single model."

the above message is not confirmed by the official Baidu, does not constitute any investment advice.

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