The profit strategy of e-commerce websites in China

Chinese e-commerce profit strategy e     
    S NASDAQ; Chinese in stocks listed in the last less than a year has not as small, thanks to the good expectations of future performance and promote the NASDAQ small plate is rising gold prices. The essence of performance regression is infiltrated with traditional economic profit model of the network and integration, this article reveals the nature and law of operation of the network economy to seek more economic communication network and the traditional combination of points, and the combination of means a new profit growth point, the essential reason is to change the profit model of network communication by the way, summed up the following three kind of communication:

      1) to change the people under the condition of the traditional way of communication, the network platform spawned a variety of different communication relationships, and different communication means the relationship between different profit profit growth point, Tencent QQ, eBay, classmates (CHINAREN), NetEase city dating, MMS magazines, MTV music in fact, online games are the main change people network platform based on the way of communication, the corresponding communication platform are actually operating in the relationship between people of different QQ provides people in addition to meet directly, the phone (instant communication), and e-mail message (cross communication) more than implicit communication between people, provides seems to be more mysterious, more communication space people privacy, more aggressive and more economical, "invisible" into a certain people The communication mode of "must" and the competitive advantage of Tencent. EBay (EACHNET) is the actual communication between people and people in the operating point auction, this relationship is to transform the traditional sense of the commodity auction, around this unique profit profit value chain, eBay should pay attention to the problem is to further integrate the good credit intermediary, logistics, communication platform, directory of commission system to trading and profit growth point of the link, otherwise, all transactions will be online game play and not have a real sense of the mode of auction profit, classmates market segments in the network platform to choose the class, has changed the traditional way of communication between the students after graduation, the city dating profit model in a similar operation friends or love to meet the communication relationship, because of greatly expanding the people meet new friends and get free opportunity value, NetEase Interactive online game provides people a remote communication and mutual game value, and define the nature of the network communication platform on mining in communication relationship, this relationship between "mining" is actually itself is not mining, for it is always there beside you, as if there is no network, like you. To call rather than through "QQ" and friends and each other together rather than through "online game network" cards, find an intermediary rather than "eBay" you don’t want to sell the goods and through marriage intermediary rather than through the "city dating" looking for the right.

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