The ideal is not the enemy Skinny reality capital of innovation works

in business mentor and the identity of the investor, Li Kaifu more inclined to the former, but from a commercial point of view, the identity of investors is clearly more realistic as many entrepreneurs in the beginning too idealistic, innovation works, imagine Li Kaifu also need to stand the market test

"we are a real investment institution, completely different from the traditional incubator." On the last day of October, Innovation workshop announced the acquisition of $275 million fund $second at the same time, Li Kaifu told reporters.

business incubator, which is a long time outside the definition of innovation workshop. Even in September 21st just completed the use of innovative workshops in Shanghai, the office of the door, still write such a sentence, here is not just hatched project."

but less than a month, but Li Kaifu published micro-blog explained, "I do not intend to criticize the incubator, I just clarify: innovation works from its inception, has never been a traditional incubator, has been the investment + all-around service mode."

Innovation workshop is no longer focused on business incubation, investment will be the main business innovation workshop

seems to be Li Kaifu’s answer is yes.

has been an example incubator

August 2009, Li Kaifu initiative to leave Google to create innovative workshops. As China’s most influential Internet personal brand, it is no exaggeration to say that the creation of innovative workshops Li Kaifu created a boom in domestic business incubation.

what is the Innovation workshop?

, September 2009, Li Kaifu wrote on his blog, my new company, Innovation workshop, wrote, Innovation workshop is a new angel investment and innovative products integration."

he made a number of definitions for the new company, Innovation workshop is the entrepreneur of the Whampoa  military academy, Innovation workshop to fill the vacancy of Chinese angel investment". At the same time, he promised, innovation works will provide "rich backup to our enterprise culture to provide legal, financial, room service, providing a shared software platform and module, and search engine optimization services", and "able to hire the best engineers, with complementary team, increase the success the probability, also speed up product development."

at that time, angel investment in the Internet, especially in the field of mobile Internet is still just a few small circle of doing things, and business incubator this term has not been well known. Li Kaifu and his team frequently appeared in many media, on various occasions strongly recommend this brand innovation works at the same time, also tell people constantly, compared with the traditional investors, as the incubator how different they are.

in 2010, the Beijing Office of Innovation workshop expanded from the original 20 to the size of more than and 200 people. Dim sum, pea pods, such as the first group of friends of the incubator team workers together, collective entrepreneurship. Beijing office is very busy

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