Entrepreneurship Taobao is the right choice

now the employment rate of college students on the following slide, and the presence of water is more and more serious, but the effect in the university entrepreneurship theory, every college students have a little selfish want to start, make their own career (but many of them are in order to earn more money).

in the contemporary society is no longer a priority for college students for employment, but more to a higher education, higher threshold in the waiting for the people who are now employed. Many unemployed students also helpless, with a passion for business on the internet. Many of the entrepreneurial network is Taobao as a center, and now Taobao is booming, so it is not difficult to realize that this is indeed an ideal place for entrepreneurs.

but in fact, this shop is often not so easy to start Taobao, even more difficult than life.


our analysis, the first part of the shop on Taobao needs to be on the part of the money, because no matter what we need to buy supplies, we press 5000 to calculate. Taobao shop if you want to sell the kind of words we need to pay 1000 yuan of frozen funds, so that our investment will become a $6000. In the early to do Taobao must use Taobao to promote the promotion of the connection, which is the so-called Taobao promotion. This part we have to invest 500 yuan a month or so of capital, the integration of a year we use the minimum investment is $6000. We have the Taobao level after the brick will be Wang Pu template, every year 360 yuan. Now we invest 11360 yuan. When we entered the Taobao shop when the goods of our goods to others in the reputation or the sales are not competitive, so we need to do a price war, our commodity prices down, even at the cost of losing money, only in this way can we usher in our business, so we need to put some money to maintain shop and life, we have to estimate is 5000 yuan a year, with the money to sustain us to the crown, and I can tell you the money if you sell big things can be a lot more. Then there’s our home electricity bill, and some living expenses.


to sum up, if we want to do crown level, then we need to put a year for the foundation, but also to put at least 16360 yuan of funds, so we have a good income in second years to shop. This is not a Taobao can easily earn money on the platform, he needed money is not a small number, hope to enter the Taobao people to plan your route, to do their own plans, or in Taobao this platform to become climate.

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