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held in July 25th ChinaJoy world mobile game conference, the organizing committee released the global mobile gaming industry white paper. Mentioned in the report: 2012 global smartphone sales reached 782 million units. 2012 global mobile market size of $11 billion 800 million, analysts predict that the mobile market will reach $18 billion 200 million in 2013. In the mobile market in a single game industry, only China market as of June 2013 has reached 5 billion 210 million RMB in 2013, broken billion is an indisputable fact.

now China Mobile game market is showing explosive growth. In 2012, the market grew by 109%, ranking the world’s top third. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 new games each month through various channels to the domestic market. Only the IOS platform has gathered more than 500 thousand developers, most of which are rushing to the mobile gaming market. So in this hot market products and show how a

All flowers bloom together. state?

iOS TopGrossing on the list, occupy the majority of online games in front of the back, but there is a single small game long tail; if to go to the street interviewed pedestrian: you played some interesting mobile phone games. A lap down probably escape: angry birds, fruit ninja, Temple Escape, zombies, and defend the radish, find your sister, crazy guess figure…… Single game. This seems to be a helpless paradox, single to earn money online. This is the people sigh in what hidden reason? The author from the research purpose, the characteristics of the equipment, game player experience three aspects to talk about why the simple praise is superior to the single game network game.

a, R & D purposes

single game in the development of the focus is to explore the game experience and play, and online games to apply a set of basic gameplay, focusing on the interaction between the players, the guidance of competition and intensification. This is because the net swims to need to cover broad user groups, to lower the threshold to improve acceptance of game player; only as far as possible to expand their net area, it may catch fish can bring huge income for yourself. Can cry has always been difficult to tune, to play the theme, style, are likely to include a lot of game player groups, which means sacrificing some of the characteristics of their own, so the use of the existing insurance game model and improved gameplay became the first online game developer. The stand-alone game can give up a part of game player, will focus on a smaller target population, the depth of excavation around a core point, amplifying their own innovative ideas, highlighting the game features, attention to create a play with the attitude of the quality of the game.

in addition, in the same development cycle and the same developer, stand-alone game will be more inclined to do the game, and online games must be wide. The first thing to do is to ensure that the core of their own experience as well as the level of the rich experience, and