The solemn statement of macro propagation for competitors to hacker’s means of unfair competition

VOGATE macro circles on the recent cooperation of the main site received a rude imitation of customer service reply to the statement as follows:


1.VOGATE macro circles spread the use of patent text advertising technology opens up a new advertising sales platform for many websites, get a positive response from the majority of the site owners. Macro sector has consistently adhered to the concept of win-win, and resolutely safeguard the interests of the cooperation website, vowed to work together with all the sites grow together.

2. recently, Division I found someone to take improper means to obtain our customer service system and the account of the webmaster business consulting reply mail unified insulting words, serious damage to our interests and good relations between the VOGATE and the webmaster of!

3. after our review of internal management and operation process, has returned to normal operations and customer service system, customer service team has been assigned to suffer from this incident spread partner 11 telephone greetings and apologized for; and subsequent processing events, I uphold the Secretary Frank not evasive attitude to accept criticism and advice of the webmaster, you the suggestion is that dynamic VOGATE macro dissemination of progress.

4. the webmaster feedback and verified, found unfair competitors in the major forum for rendering, publishing slander text, attempt to discredit and cracked our image, we have to service account leak alarm processing, but also for the subsequent false allegations were gathering evidence and related legal action.

5. any webmaster who are welcome to contact our customer service department; VOGATE customer service QQ "695036840", or customer service hotline 021-515564 66~70, VOGATE will be the greatest sincerity and good faith and common growth.

VOGATE macro propagation
2007 September 19th